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The indoor arena

The indoor arena of the Domaine Équestre de la Chênaie was conceived to be functional and comfortable. It communicates directly with the stalls and constitutes the heart of the building. Its sandy ground offers an ideal terrain for the horses' articulations and its complete insulation allows its use all year long.

The clubhouse

Spacious and full of light, the clubhouse offers a view on the indoor and outdoor arenas, the fields and surroundings and allows you to watch the training in maximum comfort.

The stalls

Ten spacious stalls welcome your horse in a very functional environment conceived in its minutest details. The basement of the building is entirely insulated and each stall's ground is covered with a thick layer of rubber offering maximum comfort and constant temperature to your horse.

The walker

A 65 feet diameter arena allows to walk ten horses and at its center, a 55 feet arena allows you to warm or relax your horse ideally.

The outdoor arena

An outdoor arena (180ftX60ft) of sandy ground completes the installations to optimize the training of your horse.

The paddocks

Outdoor paddocks offer to your horse a space of freedom that you can use at will.

The parking

A big parking dedicated to vans and trucks allows you to park your vehicle securely during your stay.



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