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Saumur Dressage

The Domaine Équestre de la Chênaie was born from the desire to build a place dedicated to the equestrians sports and respectful of the horse and the French tradition.

Situated on a hill among 36 acres of trees and pastures, two minutes away from the National School of Equestrians at Saumur in the Loire Valley (France), the Domaine Équestre de la Chênaie offers to its clientele a center build with the newest techniques and material, mindful of the environment. The exceptional situation of this center, in a region known for the mildness of its climate, the beauty and diversity of its sites and the richness of its history, makes it a destination of choice for a selected clientele either focused on training their horse on a high level or tourism.

For your convenience, you will be able to reside on site even for long stays, in five studios completely equipped, assuring you a peaceful and restful environment. One of these studios is equipped for the handicapped.

The horses are settled in maximum comfort and treated with kindness and respect. Our philosophy is not to constrain them by force, but to enable them through patience, to execute all the difficulties of the academic horse riding.

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All year long, you will be able to benefit from a high-level instruction given by specialists renowned internationally. The training can be given in French, English and German.

Apart from the studios, the center offers ten spacious and insolated stalls, indoor and outdoor arenas, the possibility of numerous promenades.

Therefore, the Domaine Équestre de la Chênaie is opened to anyone desiring to come for a short or long stay, with or without a horse.

Furthermore, it is located at a stone throw from a beautiful golf course.

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